Postage Stamp Collection

Postmaster Ditlef Frantzen in Nesbyen established TUBFRIM in 1928.  The aim was to collect and sell used stamps and use the proceeds to aid the eradication of tuberculosis among Norwegian children.  The first profit was made in 1929 and amounted to NOK 1.500.  TUBFRIM is owned by the Norwegian Health Association (Nasjonalforeningen for folkehelsen).  Today the profits are used to help handicapped children and youth in Norway, and to finance the efforts to eradicate tuberculosis.

Just cut or tear the stamps off the enveloped, leaving a slight margin (approx. 1/4 to 1/2 inch) to keep the perforation intact.  Damaged stamps (damaged perforation, edges etc.) are worthless and are to be thrown away.

Christ The King Lutheran Church in Cody, WY is a collecting hub for the stamps.  The stamps can be brought to a LWML board meeting or sent with your Pastors to a meeting and they can be given to the Cody Pastor to take back with him.