Gifts of Love


Ron and Sally put an estate plan together thirty years ago. Just recently, they began reviewing this plan, with the help of their LWML Gift Planning Counselor, getting them ready to go to their attorney for updates.

One evening over dinner, Sally said to Ron, “You know, I’ve been thinking about our plan. Thirty years ago when we put it together, we didn’t spend much time talking with each other about what was on our hearts. We certainly didn’t pray about it. We just got it done before we left on our trip to Europe. I feel differently this time.”

Ron responded, “I am glad to hear you say that because I have been feeling the same way. I really want to aim our gift to ministry to the scholarship fund in our congregation’s endowment. The school is the place where our Church connects with new families. Every year, dozens of new people are being baptized because of the school.”                         

Sally said, “I couldn’t agree more. Can we pray about those families that will be touched in the future through the nurturing, loving, environment of our school?”

They prayed. They wept. They found strong encouragement to do their work and adjust their estate plans.


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