Organizational Resources (Bylaws and Guidelines)

Welcome to the Department of Organizational Resources

Vice President of Organizational Resources:  Kathy Barr

The Vice President of Organizational Resources may perform the duties of the office of the President in the absence or at the request of the President; and according to the Bylaws shall:

  • fill the temporary vacancy in the office of the President until the Board elects a new one (See Article VI, Section 3 a).
  • be coordinator and advisor of the Organizational Resources Department and chairman of the Structure and Resolutions Committee (See Article XIII Section 5 and Article XIV Section 2 d).
  • maintain up-to-date copies of the bylaws and guidelines;
  • forward copies of the District bylaws to all societies, Board of Directors and required number of copies to the LWML Structure Committee Chairman;
  • serve as chairman of the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee and the Nominating Committee 
  • be authorized to sign checks for the Financial Secretary or Treasurer in an emergency;


LWML Wyoming District Bylaws

LWML Wyoming District Guidelines 

LWML Wyoming District Travel Reimbursement Guidelines
have changed.  Please click HERE for those changes.

NOTE: These changes are not yet updated in the "Guidelines - LWML Wyoming District ~ Revised 2023" document
(link above).